About me

I’ll bet just about everyone reading this found me through my Facebook profile. For anyone else, I live just about a half hour from Poughkeepsie, NY, in a little hamlet called Poughquag. I graduated from the University at Albany, SUNY, and a long time before that attended SUNY Fredonia.

I currently work testing computer software for a company in Newburgh, NY; and for the time being, I also work as a bookseller for Barnes & Noble. In the past, I’ve done all kinds of things — from house painter to substitute teacher to adolescent transport agent.

I have another blog, “Coarsely Ground,” for my writings on politics and so forth. It’s a lot more work to write on serious subjects, so I don’t post there quite as frequently. I started this blog so I’d have another outlet to improve my writing. Here, I can write more often without having to do the arduous thinking required of an amateur pundit.


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