Career counseling you may have missed

Today at work a guy came in and asked about working at Barnes & Noble. He wasn’t interested for himself, but for his son. I gave him an application. The guy then asked me who his son should turn the application in to when he had completed it. Here, I gave him a little “inside information.”

Applications are turned into the customer service kiosk, where I work. My job is more or less to thank all applicants and assure them that managers will be reviewing their application — and then shoo them away. I have no doubt the managers do, but so what? We get tons of applications.

I told the guy to tell his son to come in with the application hidden in a folder, come up to kiosk, and ask to speak to a manager. That way he gets to show his smiling face and display his scintillating personality, and perhaps move his application to the top of the pile.

Now, if you’re disappointed, thinking that this is the career counseling promised in the title of my post, never fear. Here comes the real career counseling.

The guy told me that my little tip was great advice, because where he makes his living it works the same way. He works for a financial firm in Manhattan in the legal department. It’s very competitive to get a job there, but, he admits, they do tend to give more respect to those who have the gumption to come on in and make their pitch for a job.

Any idea what the starting salary is at his place of employment? As he told me, the 25 year-olds fresh out of law school who manage to get their foot in the door make $170,000.


It’s times like this that make you wonder if you could stomach law school.

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